Who We Are

Igniting Change, Illuminating Paths

At Vesta, we’re not just financial advisors. We’re embers of change.

We’re the mothers, daughters, and sisters who believe every human deserves a seat at the table, every marginalized voice should be heard, and every dream, no matter how small, deserves to be nurtured. We offer the warmth of guidance through fee-based planning, personalized individual services, and expert support navigating the complexities of personal and business ventures.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach, no cold calculations. We see you, your goals, and your unique journey. We become your allies, your confidantes, your partners on the path to financial freedom.

Meet Our Team of Women

Elaine Jolley, CDFA®

Financial Advisor

Kate Anders, CFP®, CFTA, MBA

Financial Advisor

Mary Norton, CFP®, MBA

Financial Advisor

Connie Harrison

Office Manager

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